Testimonials and Frequently Asked Questions


"Wee Care Nanny provided me with a nanny. I ended up gaining a new cherished member of the family." - Sandy Soll

"Wee Care Nanny really listened to what I was looking for and responded with an excellent selection of caregivers. It was actually hard to choose from all the qualified people I met." - Ruth Marchand

"I feel so much better going back to work knowing my children are in the hands of the best caregiver possible" - Catherine Johnson

"The people at Wee Care Nanny knew exactly what I was looking for and found it for me in no time at all."
- Jenine Rothblott

"The attention to detail and professionalism I found at Wee Care Nanny is second to none."
- Linda Rhijnesberger

Frequently Asked Questions Q- I have spoken to many people around my area asking the going rate for a nanny. How come I am getting so many conflicting answers?

A- There is not set fee for a live-out caregiver. At Wee Care Nanny, we will guide you to the going rate and explain the variations. We never tell anyone what to pay nor do we guide the caregiver what to charge. We are always aware of the market rates and will constantly keep our clients informed of the competitive salaries being offered. Live-in caregiver wages are set by HRSDC and they are $9 to $ 10 an hour gross.

Q- What if we are using your service and we have not found anyone suitable. Do we still have to pay you?

A- There is absolutely no obligation to hire anyone through us. We will keep sending you caregiver candidates until you find the right one to suit your family's needs. We only charge our fee once you have hired someone through our service. This enables you to resource your search through as many sources and not obligate yourself until you find that perfect person.

Q- Do you suggest that we have a trial with the person before we hire them?

A- Absolutely. We definitely recommend that you try someone out for at least a few hours. Once someone is in your home, relaxed and interacting with your child or children, you get a better idea of what they are really like and, most importantly, the kind of caregiver they are. It is hard to get a real sense of a person from a one hour interview.

Q- How far in advance should I begin my search for a suitable nanny?

A- You generally need at least a month before you want a live-out nanny to start. Unlike daycare, where there are only limited spots available, we always have an array of amazing candidates looking for positions. You need to use the time to communicate your needs and meet the candidates so that you can make an informed choice.

If you require a live-in nanny, we suggest talking a little more time. Because of the paper-work involved, two to three months in advance are recommended.

If you are sponsoring from abroad, you have to allow at least three to five months time to bring someone over.

Q- How do you screen your caregivers and nanny's?

A- Fist we screen the candidate over the telephone, and if we feel that the individual qualifies we then schedule an interview where we meet them in person. We ask open ended questions regarding their experience with children and their ability to stimulate them developmentally. We also go through a lot of different scenarios to see how they would handle certain situations. We ask all applicants what they are looking for in a position or what they are expecting to get out of their position. We then check all of their references locally and abroad. Following that, we try to match their criteria with employment where we feel they would be best suited.

Q- If I am sponsoring from abroad, how do I interview nanny's I have not yet met?

A- We conduct interviews over the telephone with you. We have a comprehensive list of questions that we put all of our applicants through. We usually conduct each interview for twenty to thirty minutes each, giving you time to also ask certain questions geared towards your specific situation. We also call the references from abroad so that you can ask them questions and hear about their performance.

Q- What if we want to sponsor a nanny that we like from another country? Will you process the paperwork for us?

A- Yes, we do paperwork from anywhere. As long as the candidate possesses the criteria that makes them eligible to be sponsored, we advertise and do all of the procedures that will enable you to be approved. We charge a minimal one time fee for this service.

Q- Where do you find your nannies?

A- Our best source of nannies is definitely through word of mouth. Since we have been in business for eight years we have built up a tremendous reputation amongst the nanny community. We receive roughly thirty to forty calls daily from new caregivers looking for employment.

Q- What key ingredients blend to make a successful family/caregiver relationship?

A- We believe that a contract clearly stating your expectations and duties is a great start to a successful relationship. We also believe in open communication. Taking the time to listen carefully to your caregivers concerns will help you to ensure that specific needs are met.

Q- What if I only need a nanny for three weeks or a short period of time?

A- Our short tern care agency In a Pinch (www.inapinch.ca) can help you with your short term care needs. In A pinch is dedicated in finding short term care at a moment's notice.

Q- I have never had experience interviewing a nanny before. Can you help us with this process?

A- Definitely, we have a comprehensive list of questions that we would be able to e-mail to you at any given time.

Q- What can I expect my nanny to do?

A- Everyone had different expectations. Expectations can range from a focus on childcare to a balance of activities, meal planning and light cleaning. Let's discuss your needs and we'll do our best to meet them.